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Avant Garde MagazineApril 2016
Peter is the featured cover story for AVANT GARDE magazine's April 2016 Edition.  Read here!

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August 2013

Contemplative Music pioneer Peter Kater on the sounds that sing to your soul. The Nexus Interview.


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Evolve MagazineApril 2009
Evolve Magazine

Read Peter's interview in Evolve Magazine called My Life Is My Practice. Some very unexpected and interesting questions and answers. Click below to read or download the whole story!


Massage Monthly April 2009April 2009
Massage Magazine

Peter wrote an article called Vibrating Our Way To Greater Health for the April issue of Massage Magazine where he talks about the 6 Steps to choosing the best music for your healing practices. 


Science of MindMarch 2009
Science of Mind

Read the feature story on Peter Kater called Celestial Harmony!



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Massage & Bodywork MagazineFebruary 2009
Massage & Bodywork Magazine

Read Peter's feature interview called A LIFE OF MUSIC in the the March/April issue of Massage & Bodywork Magazine. Follow the link below, and go to page 70.


December 2008
Everything Is Energy
Internet Radio Interview

Listen to Peter's recent live interview on the new "Everything Is Energy" internet radio show. Peter talks for 17 minutes about his creative process, working with the "energy" in concert and being in "the zone" musically and in his personal life.  Takes less than a minute to download.


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November 12, 2008
Craig's Interview

 Kater graciously agreed to take part in my ongoing “5 Question Interview Series”

How long have you had an interest in healing music?
I think since I was a teenager I was attracted to playing music that simply made me feel "good". There was a lot of family stress, illness and death around me and suddenly my music veered from Rock and Top 40 to my own improvisations. And in playing these improvisations I felt I was somehow helping to bring myself into a greater balance and deeper peace.

What is healing music and methods for stimulating healing?
There are many theories around what healing music is. I've read many and studied a few. But it's my belief . . . .

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January 9, 2006
Mainly Piano Interview

Peter Kater is one of the most respected artists in the contemporary instrumental field. Born in Munich, Germany, he and his parents relocated to New Jersey when he was a young boy. An incredibly prolific composer, Peter has lost count of how many albums he has released. "I think it’s over forty. I stopped counting after thirty-something  . . . .

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Musician Guide Feature

Since his first album in 1983, Peter Kater has been a prolific musician, with more than 30 albums released and more than one million albums sold. As a composer, arranger, pianist, and collaborator with musicians such as R. Carlos Nakai and Joanne Shenandoah, Kater's work has ranged from ambient music to more lively jazz-oriented recordings. Kater has also written numerous soundtracks for films, plays, and television shows, including the Eco-Challenge soundtrack for the Discovery Channel. He is perhaps best known, however, for his works that have been categorized as "New Age," incorporating motifs such as the environment, the human spirit, and Native American folkways. As he approached the twentieth anniversary of his recording debut, however,  . . . .

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PJ Birosik Interview

PJ: How does scoring a television series differ from doing an original album of music?
Peter: When you're scoring a television series, you're working with a partner and the partner is the visual image, so the idea is not to completely fill up the space with your own emotion but to enhance the visuals and bring out   . . . .

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